Cafe Dramatic Play


Café Dramatic Play is a fun theme all children will love. Watch as your little ones learn how to take orders and serve customers. It is a great theme to tie in with learning about money. Also provides opportunity for early writing skills specific to number writing.

What’s included:

Set Up

This pack includes three pages to help you with your set up including what your first steps are to get started, tips for printing and set up, photo’s and a list of all the props you will need to collect.

Signs and Labels

· Open – Closed signs

· Welcome to the Café sign

· Opening Hour Signs (One version editable)

· Food Menus with prices (One version editable, One with dollars)

· Drinks Menu with prices (One version editable, One with dollars)

· Special Signs (Editable versions)

· Labels (coffee, tea bags, biscuits, eggs, cups, cash register, blender, cake, sweets, spoons, salt and pepper, coffee machine, plates, vegetables, fruit, apron, utensils, coffee cups, donuts, cutlery, muffins)

Job Role Tags

· Two template sizes included. Job roles including Cashier, Customer, Barista and Waiter.


· Food order form, one in colour and the other in black and white.

· Stamp Card