Doctors Surgery Dramatic Play Printables


One of the most popular places in a classroom can be the dramatic play area, because it is a place for so many exciting dramas! It is also a place to develop skills such as problem solving, language and social skills.

This resource will help you create a vibrant and engaging dramatic play space, with a doctor surgery theme.

Here is what is included:

  • Welcome Sign (2 options)
  • Opening Hours Sign (2 versions – 1 with blank time slots)
  • ‘Waiting Room’ and ‘Doctor’s Office’ signs
  • Eye Chart
  • ‘Get your flu shot here’ and ‘No Smoking’ signs
  • Open and Closed sign
  • ‘Today’s Doctors’ and ‘Your Doctor’ signs
  • X rays (brain, chest, foot, shoulder, hand, knee and neck)
  • Long Labels (such as medicines, bandages and band aids, x-rays, protective wear, medical equipment, medical records)
  • Vocab words (such as thermometer, stethoscope, medicine cup)
  • Medicine labels
  • Job character role tags (2 template sizes)
  • Sign in Folder + printables to go inside
  • Appointment book + printables to go inside
  • Patient Medical Information printable
  • Patient Check Up printable
  • Patient Prescription printable