Fairy Tale Land Dramatic Play



Spark your little ones imagination with these beautiful fairy tale land printables. See them learn skills to interact socially and to problem solve when negotiating different roles.

What’s included:

Set Up

This pack includes 3 pages to help you with your set up including what your first steps are to get started, tips for printing and set up, photo’s and a list of all the props you will need.


Signs included are ‘Welcome to Fairy Tale Land’, ‘Open Please Enter, ‘Closed Please Come Again’, ‘Don’t Feed the Dragon’, ‘Dragon’s Cave’, ‘Great Hall’, ‘Kitchens’, ’Guard Room’, ‘Stables’, ‘Gardens’, ‘Bed Chamber’, ‘Castle’.

Vocabulary Words

Bean stalk, crown, castle, dragon, golden egg, frog, harp, glass slipper, king, knight, magic wand, throne, princess, pumpkin carriage, giant, prince, queen, shield, sword, goblet, boy, coach, banquet.

Job Role Tags

8 job role tags in two template sizes. Including characters roles of a Dragon, Boy, Giant, Knight, Princess, Prince, King, Queen.


This pack includes 3 forms for developing early writing skills. A banquet menu in black and white and colour option. A food order form in black and white and colour option. Lastly, an invitation in black and white and colour option.