Space Station Dramatic Play Printables



This Space Station dramatic play set will allow your little learners to explore Space themes in a fun and engaging way. They can use their imagination to role play as an astronaut, space scientist, captain and analyst. Perfect for linking science themes and early writing skills.

What’s Included

Information about setting up your play space including a prop suggestion list, photo’s and tips to help get you started.

Signs and Labels

A variety of signs and labels to help set up your play space including: ‘Welcome to the Space Station’ sign. Planet and count down poster. ‘Moon Rock Exploration’ and ‘Beware Airlock’ signs. 2x ‘Danger and ‘Caution’ signs. ‘Wear Spacesuits in This Area’ poster. Gauge images to help create your own DIY control panel. 24 vocabulary word cards (Meteor, Moon Rocks, Rocket Ship, Satellite Dish, Satellite, Shooting Star, Astronaut, Shuttle, Star, Telescope, Earth, Half Moon, Jupitar, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Neptune, Saturn, Sun, Uranus, Venus, Astronaut Helmet, Laptop, UFO).

Real Images in PowerPoint Format

Real photo’s to help introduce the dramatic play theme and to talk about the props that you might include.


This resource also provides 8 job role tags in two sizes, for playing the role of an astronaut(2), captain(2), analyst(2), and space scientist(2). A launch checklist form for your learners to practise their writing and 4 port hole images to help create your own DIY space station.