Baby Nursery Dramatic Play Printables



This Baby Nursery dramatic play space will allow your little learners to use dramatic play, language, creative thinking, and problem solving skills.

What’s included:

Information about setting up your play space including a prop suggestion list, photo’s and tips to help get you started.

Signs and Labels

A variety of signs and labels to help set up your play space including: ‘Welcome to the Baby Nursery’ and 2 option ‘Opening hours’ signs. ‘Change Area’, ‘Bath Area’, ‘Feeding Area’, ‘Stroller Parking’, ‘Sleeping Area’ and ‘Shh Baby Sleeping’ signs. Open and Closed sign plus two instruction posters on ‘How to Feed a Baby’ and ‘How to Give a Baby a Bath’. 24 vocabulary word cards (baby lotion, baby powder, bib, bottle, change table, crib, nappy, diaper, highchair, onesie, dummy, rattle, pram pacifier, stroller, book, potty, shampoo, baby food, towel, baby cup, baby wipes, formula, spoon). 7 Task cards (Read to baby, Rest baby, Play with baby, Feed baby, Walk baby, Bath baby, Change baby). 11 Labels (Toys, Clothes, Feeding Supplies, Books, Bottles, Nappies, Baby Food, Potty, Bubble Bath, Body Lotion, Shampoo). Baby Food Labels